JMM: The Journal of Music and Meaning is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal for multidisciplinary research on music and meaning. The editorial profile of JMM accommodates an inclusive plurality of methods and disciplines and welcomes contributions from a variety of fields, such as: philosophy, mathematics, physics, musicology, medicine, acoustics, neurology, theology, literary studies, philosophy of science, music pedagogy, computer science, semiotics, sociology, linguistics, religious studies, anthropology, psychology, biology, education studies, music therapy, culture studies, etc. JMM aims to bridge the gap between various studies in meaning and signification and areas of research in music. JMM especially encourages any multidisciplinary research on meaning that is able to challenge conceptions of music, or research that explores the notion of meaning by the study of musical phenomena.

Papers submitted for peer-review are refereed anonymously in a double-blind manner by members of our Editorial Board as well as other researchers recommended to us by our Associate Editors. The Editorial Board is composed of members whose areas of expertise reflects the journal’s multidisciplinary editorial profile.

Up until and including JMM8, JMM: The Journal of Music and Meaning was formally published semiannually. In the present, blog-based format of the journal, commenced with JMM9, issues are released one article at a time over a period corresponding to the former interval between two issues. From JMM13 and onwards, the journal has only one official volume per year, but the sizes of the volumes are at the same time expected – and intended – to be longer than previously.

JMM accepts – in addition to articles for peer-review – essays, reviews ands commentaries. Essays, reviews and commentaries are reviewed by the Editorial Staff and are published upon its approval. The JMM site furthermore provides an on-line forum for discussion of music and meaning. JMM welcomes anyone to contribute to ongoing discussions or to raise new issues in the JMM forum.

JMM: The Journal of Music and Meaning is published from the Institute of Philosophy, Education and the Study of Religions, University of Southern Denmark at Odense, Denmark.

JMM is graciously funded by the The Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities (Det Frie Forskningsråd | Kultur og Kommunikation).